Dream Group for Therapists and Health Care Providers

How do you attend to the nighttime messages from the unconscious that arrive through the drama of your dreams?

Do you notice feelings, events, or situations that you sense need attention or understanding?

Are you experiencing dreams of clients or situations that occur in the context of your practice?

Paying attention to one’s dreaming life can offer profound and insightful information that can deepen and enhance a conscious attitude and/or the movement of a therapeutic relationship.

Join with other professionals to explore the symbolic and affective nature of our dreaming mind. Together we will explore symbols of individuation, the nature of the image, transference, countertransference, and the masculine (animus) and feminine (anima) as they express in the imagery. Ours will be a private and confidential container where we can learn and offer collegial support. I have been an active student and leader of dream work groups for the last 18 years, and approach dreams from a Jungian orientation.

This group will meet for 8 weeks in downtown Vancouver, WA. Groups will begin and continue throughout the year. Cost is $200.

To reserve your place, ask questions, and obtain directions, phone 360-909-9637.

Image: Henri Rousseau, “Sleeping Gypsy”