Dream Group


How do you attend to the nighttime messages that arrive through the drama of your dreams? Do you experience feelings, events, or situations that might benefit from your attention and understanding?

Examining the mysterious and creative messages in one’s dreams can stimulate new orientations to conscious problems through greater self-awareness and psychic insight. The shared support of a group enlivens an experience of connection, intimacy, and diversity while deepening relatedness and integration.

Join with other dreamers to share and amplify the symbolic and affective nature of our dreaming mind. In our generative and affirming circle we will explore symbols of individuation, the nature of the image, projection, shadow, and our inner masculine (animus) and feminine (anima) energies as they express through the creative dramas of our personal and shared unconscious. No previous experience necessary, just your curiosity and dreams!

This group will meet for 8 Sundays, from 4-6 p.m., beginning January 7th in downtown Vancouver, WA.  Cost is $200, payable at registration. To reserve your spot contact Therese Brooks, MA, LMHCA, at 360-909-9637, or email

I have been an active student and leader of dream groups for the over 20 years, and approach dreams from a Jungian orientation.