The reasons you have for seeking therapy can be varied and unique, although they likely involve feelings of confusion, loneliness, and anxiety. These feelings are often associated with your relationships, family life, career, the direction in which you feel your life is moving, or ways in which you feel stuck.

Far from being sick or having a strange problem, your discomfort is a symptom of the completely normal experience of being human.

More importantly, these feelings are potent clues to the direction in which your unconscious is attempting to move towards its own healing. My training allows for an expansive view of what constitutes normal human behavior. I understand how difficult and challenging being human is, and I am intrigued and motivated by the complexities of our human nature. Together we will work to identify your desires and fears, to access understanding for certain behaviors, and to find the truest path towards your own unique developmental path and evolving identity.

Engaging in therapy is a potent sign of sanity and a mature commitment to self-development.

As a depth therapist I am trained and experienced in listening deeply for clues as to your unconscious motivations, behaviors, or longings which are seeking expression. By identifying these generative, mysterious, and sometimes conflicting messages, unconscious psychic contents can be brought to awareness and consciously engaged. Through this we can connect with the source of your own inner wisdom, healing, and self-direction.

Knowing how to live is not a human instinct, but an artful and conscious skill.

While trained in a broad range of mental health issues, I have particular expertise and interest in problems of suffering relating to:






shame, self-neglect, and low self-esteem

early childhood trauma, attachment, PTSD, addictions

personal, vocational, sexual, or spiritual identity issues

stage of life transitions:

 adolescence, young adulthood, marriage, mid-life, empty nest, divorce, elderhood, end of life

the intergenerational Mother/Daughter dynamic

unconscious, emergent issues expressed in dreams

immune system disorders, allergies, food intolerances, nutritional and microbial health

severe and persistent mental health issues including dual diagnoses 

Finding the right therapist/client fit is important. To determine if we might work well together I invite your initial call to discuss the reasons you are seeking therapy, 360-909-9637.